Tacedaemo. The future is queer.

Original. Unique. Grandiloquent.

Hello. Welcome to the Tacedaemo official website. Indeed you may be marvelling at the simplicity and beauty of our unique name and brand or at the grandiloquent circumlocution that is this very sentence... The team behind this amazing cutting edge brand is year 10 students Freddie and Billy, who are simply known as Tacedaemo or possibly professional weirdos. They have worked for years coming up with the idea of this project of only people's dreams... well, only up until this day (that's rigghhht).

What's it all about?

Tacedaemo's true hero.

Tacedaemo aims to connect people deeply. We believe in communication and cooperation; This is why we are devout communists and unionists. Although many of our fellow comrades may believe in anarchy, we believe connection is key and without it we would fail harder than Lenin's body after his 3rd stroke.